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Peter and Marika

We were blessed to be a part of Peter and Marika's day. Saint Barbara Greek Orthodox Church is a photographer's dream.


Joy Portrait

Before my good friend Joy left for Scotland (to possibly never return to the states), I had to get a portrait. It is my creative outlet to connect with and record those who I pass in life.

Bamboo Massage!

Bamboo Massage Santa Barbara | Coming Soon!

While doing some photography with Citrus Media Group, I was fortunate enough to have to test out a recent client's product - Bamboo Massage! Their technique and personal attention comes highly recommended!

Contact Vicki @ 805.455.1831

Citrus Media Group

Citrus Media Group |

Recently I've been having a blast working at Citrus Media Group. A brilliant back-end developer, a solid designer, and a continually forward-thinking atmosphere. Check out a selection of their work at the Spree Commerce Showcase.

Macduff Everton: The Book of Santa Barbara

The Book of Santa Barbara by Macduff Everton

Macduff Everton is a household name in Santa Barbara. A world renowned National Geographic photographer, photojournalist, vaquero, and the most humble and soft-spoken souls I've met.

I had the honor of developing many of the negatives!

Roshell Party

John and Starshine Roshell's Party

Starshine (of Keep Your Skirt On and SB Independent fame) and John Roshell celebrated one of their little one's birthdays. Rock star temporary tattoos and drumstick cakes makes happy children. Snuck around with my ol' Pentax 6x7!

Santa Cruz Island

Landing at Scorpion Bay, Santa Cruz Island

My brother, father and I commenced our yearly back-packing trip to the Channel Islands this year. We came rather unprepared for a blip of the weather, but the silence, vistas, wildlife, and company was great. Because of weight, I shot it all on an old toy 'panoramic' camera.